Tetra技术的 2021年可持续发展报告 shares our progress during our first decade of sustainability reporting and our environmental, 社会, and governance (ESG) commitments for 2030.

Tetra技术的 commitment to sustainability began with the company’s founding and, 50多年后, we continue to provide clients with innovative solutions to complex 水 and environmental challenges. The sustainability principles we apply to our projects are described in our 环境、社会和治理政策 and demonstrated through our support of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact

Achieving our 2020 sustainability goals

在过去的十年里, we have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability by focusing on projects, 流程, 采购, 和中国十大彩票网民. We complete the first decade of sustainability reporting by achieving our ambitious goals for 20 specific metrics—significantly beyond our original aspirations.

Since program inception in 2010, we have reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from our operations by 78 percent to 0.89吨有限公司2e per associate, well beyond the 30 percent reduction initially targeted. Since 2010 we have achieved 100 percent adoption of our enterprise-wide systems and reduced energy use and increased cybersecurity by moving more than 80 percent of our data to the cloud.

In addition to environmental goals, our sustainability program tracks 社会 and governance goals. In 2020 we reaffirmed our commitment to a diversity, 股本, and inclusion with the establishment of our global Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program. Our global ERG Program supports our collaborative culture where all voices are heard and all employees feel safe and can thrive. 

As we moved to remote working as part of our pandemic response, our global community was more connected than ever. We adopted innovative approaches to networking such as VISION 2021, our all-company virtual event; Tech 1000, a global technical challenge event with 1,000 participants; and a worldwide wellness challenge. Together we also supported those in need through community engagements; volunteer programs; science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) events; and global charities that improve lives by providing safe 水 supplies. 

Our sustainability commitment for the next decade

Tetra技术的 commitment to sustainability for the next decade is to be 气候积极 & 碳负极, achieving a net reduction in GHGs as measured in tons of CO2e through our projects, 采购, 流程, 和中国十大彩票网民. Our goals align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the key areas of environment, 水, 环境卫生, 和社会责任. As part of this new commitment, we also will adopt science-based targets as outlined in the Science Based Targets initiative in the tracking and execution of our plan.

Most important to our program is the recognition of the significant ESG impacts of Tetra技术的 projects. We are announcing four key environmental metrics that we will use to track the benefits of the projects we perform:

  • GHG emissions avoided or captured (CO2e吨)
  • Water treated, saved, or reused (megaliters)
  • Renewable energy identified, planned, or generated (gigawatts)
  • Land and 水 habitat protected, managed, or restored (hectares)

The scale of 社会 benefit will be recognized by Tetra技术的 goal to improve the lives of 1 billion people worldwide by 2030.

And perhaps most significant, we are committed to 领先的科学® to advance innovation in sustainability policy, process, and procedures. 与客户合作, we will continue to advance the science of sustainability, creating new approaches that magnify the scale of our climate-positive impact on the world.

As we enter this new decade, the challenges of climate change affect communities worldwide. We see firsthand the economic and 社会 crises and communities at risk. However, we believe that global action can result in global benefit. At Tetra技术 we are committed to supporting climate-positive actions worldwide and to partnering with our clients to contribute to a better future.

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